The flavour
Pan is an Integral part of Indian cuisines. It is rooted in our culture to such an extent that betel leaf preparation has become one of the favourite post-meal delicacies in India. To continue this age-old practice of mouth freshening, we created Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala - a perfect blend of quality ingredients.

The rich taste and luxurious essence of Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala has made it a preferred alternative to the traditional Pan. With hints of Cardamom Seeds and Sandalwood Oil, its rare recipe has been carefully crafted for Pan-lovers worldwide. The best-in-class processing technique and handpicked ingredients provide a delicious experience for Pan Masala connoisseurs.

Enjoy a delightful, aromatic indulgence with the unique taste of Raj Niwas Pan Masala.
The ingredients

betel nut

Betel leaves and dried Betel nuts have won the hearts of millions for their unique flavour. Made with the best quality Betel nuts, Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala delivers a timeless taste you will never forget. Betel nuts are peppery and slightly bitter to taste and bring a fresh, earthy aroma to Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala.


The intense flavour of Sandalwood Oil leaves you with an epic aroma and rich aftertaste. Its fragrance is achieved after a careful distillation process of matured Sandalwood. With the sweet scent of Sandalwood oil, Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala offers you an authentic, delightful experience.


Cardamom, popularly known as the queen of spices, is one of the oldest spices in the world. The premium quality cardamom seeds add a rich aroma and sweetness to Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala. Its soothing, cooling essence leaves your mood refreshed. Our R&D expertise ensures that every seed is handpicked and meets the desired quality standards.


The heart of our recipe, Kewda, exudes a sweet, pleasant fragrance to delight your senses. A hint of Kewda adds luxury to the distinctive taste of Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala. Our select ingredients with exquisite floral notes of Kewda make our pan masala a mark of quality, class and heritage.


Embrace the divine fragrance of roses with the unique blend of Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala. Rose water, processed using state-of-the-art technology, is extracted from premium quality roses for a superior experience. This flavouring agent with rose essence offers a sweet aroma and a rich aftertaste.


Raj Niwas flavoured Pan Masala gets its unique taste from select ingredients sourced from all over India. And one of our key ingredients is Kathha, also known as catechu. It is obtained from the water extractives of the heartwood of Acacia. With the careful supervision of our experts, its perfect colour and texture are achieved after a precise making process of up to 45 days.
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